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Massey Family Chiropractic Reviews

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What Our Greensboro Patients Say

At Massey Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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I Feel Like I Matter

Dr Massey and his family are great. I’m pregnant and feel so comfortable going to him. I’ve only had 3 adjustments so far and I’m already feeling better. He makes sure he knows exactly what your problems are and is very good at explaining the process of your healing. He works specifically on your issues. You aren’t just another patient in and out quick. You feel like you matter.


I Felt Comfortable and Encouraged

I was very nervous and apprehensive about finding a place that I felt comfortable and encouraged. I immediately felt both! I was excited about my second visit. Dr. Massey explains, takes time for my questions and is very thorough. Best decision that I have made in a long time!

~L. N.

Pregnancy Pain

Before coming to Massey Family Chiropractic, I suffered from low back and hip pain for about 2-3 months prior to giving birth in July of 2017. It was difficult for me to do daily things, especially being in late pregnancy. I tried heat, ice, and relaxation for the pain before coming to see Dr. Massey.

Now, my low back and hip pain has been resolved, I have fewer headaches, which was a past condition, and am overall satisfied with my results! Studying and motherhood are much easier now with less pain and fewer headaches!

Dr. Massey and his staff always treat me excellent, they make me feel awesome, and treat me like family! They are all very friendly and have great flexibility with scheduling me in. I highly recommend Massey Family Chiropractic!

~B. I.

Back Pain

Before coming to Massey Family Chiropractic, I suffered from severe back pain for a few years. It prevented me from doing a lot of walking and running, as well as being able to pick up my son’s carrier sometimes. It even got to the point where my back would lock up.

I started looking for a chiropractor, so I wouldn’t have to have surgery in the future, which is how I found Dr. Massey. From the moment I walked into the office, I was treated more like a family member instead of a patient. I love the atmosphere and the fact that I feel good when I leave.

Now, I have no more pain and have been able to do a lot more things since I’ve started seeing Dr. Massey. I can walk, run, and stand on my feet longer without pain, and I can play and run around with my son more. My overall quality of life has improved a lot since I have started my care. I 100% recommend anyone who is looking for a good and friendly doctor to come to Massey Family Chiropractic!

~T. G.


My son was diagnosed at two and a half years old with Autism and suffers from behavioral problems. Because of his behavior, we are limited in the activities we can do. Prior to coming to Massey Family Chiropractic, we tried both occupational and behavioral therapy, but no medications, which we consider to be a last resort option.

After being seen at Massey Family Chiropractic, my son has had an overall improvement in his behavior with an occasional bad day now and then.

Dr. Massey and his staff are great and always treat my son very well. They are always courteous, caring, accommodating, and are able to see us quickly which keeps us from having to wait around. I would definitely recommend Massey Family Chiropractic!

~E. S.

Headaches/Migraines, Neck, Low Back and Leg Pain

Before coming to Massey Family Chiropractic, I suffered from low back and leg pain for 12-13 years and neck pain and headaches for four years. The pain I was in would make feel sick and I even tried different medications for the pain.

Now, I have less headaches and barely any pain. My overall quality of life has improved 100%. Dr. Massey talks to you in detail and I couldn’t ask for better treatment from the staff.

I recommend Massey Family Chiropractic to all my coworkers.

~M. F.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

When I first started care at Massey Family Chiropractic, I suffered from neck and shoulder pain for 6 months and lower back pain off and on for years. My lower back pain sometimes limited my activities like exercising, housekeeping, and lawn maintenance. I tried muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medication, and pain medication before coming to see Dr. Massey.

Once I started coming to see Dr. Massey, I started seeing improvements in my conditions and no longer needed medication for my pain. My neck and shoulder pain no longer exist, and my lower back pain is not as frequent and not as severe.

Dr. Massey explained the issues I was having, the causes, and the treatment to ensure my success. Because of the extremely nice and attentive staff at Massey Family Chiropractic, I can do more of the things that I like and need to do with much less pain. Anytime anyone mentions needing to see a chiropractor, I always recommend Massey Family Chiropractic!

~J. T.


Before starting care at Massey Family Chiropractic, I suffered for years from neck, back, wrist, and ankle pain, as well as headaches and migraines. These conditions were causing me to miss class and I even had to call out of work a few times. I had been to two or three different doctors and tried muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medicine.

Now, my conditions have tremendously improved and I hardly have headaches anymore. I don’t miss class as much anymore, I feel better, and I even sleep better.

Massey Family Chiropractic offers genuine, holistic care that treats the problem, not the symptoms. Their staff treats me well and I would recommend them!

~D. M.

Back and Arm Pain

When I first started care at Massey Family Chiropractic, I suffered with back and arm pain for 5 months. This pain caused me to have trouble sleeping at night and I tried several different treatments for the pain.

Since coming to Massey Family Chiropractic, I have had great success with relieving my back and arm pain, and my overall quality of life has improved.

Dr. Massey is a very good chiropractor, and he and his staff treat me well and make me feel like family!

~E. B.

Low Back Pain

Before coming to Massey Family Chiropractic, I suffered from low back pain. This pain kept me from being active like I wanted to be, and after dealing with this pain on and off for a year, I decided to come see Dr. Massey.

Now, I haven’t had any back-pain flare ups since I started coming to see Dr. Massey. I have been able to stay active and haven’t been held back because of pain.

The care I have received has helped get down to the source of the problem and correct it. The staff has treated me well and they are very helpful and kind. I would recommend Massey Family Chiropractic to anyone looking for help!

~R. H.

Headaches, Back Pain and Neck Pain

My name is Kimbley and I am 23 years old. This was my first time seeing a chiropractor. I came to Dr. Jeff hoping to get help with headaches, back pains, and neck pains. I’ve been seeing Dr. Jeff for almost three months and over this period of time I’ve felt so much better. I sleep better and am able to go through my day without so many headaches and pains. I’ve enjoyed seeing Dr. Jeff and his wife, they mean so much to me. They are such a blessing to have in my life.

~Kimbley Y.

Picky Eater

My name is Jaylynn. I am a two-year old baby girl and Kimbley Y. is my mom. I’ve been seeing Dr. Jeff with my mom for my picky appetite and other problems. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Jeff, I’ve improved so much and began eating more. I’ve gained weight. I’ve really come to love Dr. Jeff and his wife. The more I go the more comfortable I am with them. It’s been a good experience seeing them and how Dr. Jeff works with children.

~Jaylynn Y. (written by her mom)

Cramps and Foot Pain

Dr. Massey and Tara are wonderful. This is my first ever chiropractic experience and I am amazed how much better I feel. I started coming originally for overall wellness, not realizing that chiropractic care treats more than just back pains. I was experiencing cramps and pains in my feet; and, thanks to Jeff, I finally have relief. The office is clean and inviting. So thankful that I found Massey Family Chiropractic!

~Erin S.

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